The Name Of The Spanish Royal Palace

The Name Of The Spanish Royal Palace

Kings and queens were extraordinary people who ruled over kingdoms in different parts of the world. They have the power over everybody’s life in their kingdom. Kings could pass a direct death judgment over an individual, and they could also instantly grant bail to an individual no matter what crime he has committed. Royal family members don’t get to be seen often but only on special occasions.

And one, must follow a long protocol before he gets access to see them. This has made them to be seen as gods of the kingdoms in which they rule over. Royal palaces are unique in every part of the world they are located in. It is a place that for centuries has passed from one form of reform to another. As different kings with their queens come to power, they enforce and make sure all their desires are done.

The one hundred and thirty-five thousand

These renovations are being done in a way that will suit their life pattern. The Spanish Royal Palace, just like other palaces, is a place of splendor where orderliness is regarded as an important thing to do. The Spanish Royal Palace is called Palacio Real de Madrid and is located in Madrid, the Spanish capital. It is a place of majesty for every bewildering, loving person that goes there. Because it offered tourists guidance, with also self guidance signs everywhere within the palace. Their security in the palace was designed in a manner that security guards are changed on a weekly basis, especially from July to October of every year.

The one hundred and thirty-five thousand square meters square palace has more than three thousand rooms. Its internal and external features are beautiful to the bewilderment of the eyes. Palacio Real de Madrid is twice the size of the palaces in France and England therefore, it is the largest in the whole of Europe. Externally, a park of gardens surrounds the palace with beautifully trimmed trees and bushes. Its construction started on the 7th of April 1735 by Fillipo Juveria who was the first among the many architects to have subsequently worked on the palace. The current king Fillipe VI with his entire royal family packed to the palace of Zarzulela because it was more modest to Palacio real de Madrid.

Bookshelves dating far back to Alfonso

Palacio has now become a tourist attraction center open to people who would like to go there for sightseeing or for academic research purposes. Visitors may not have access to the entire palace but only to the best of places. Even these best places are being changed once a month, so where one visits this month, might not be where he would visit on subsequent visitations. Visitation is sometimes free and sometimes, a little fee of thirteen Euros is charged from anyone who wishes to enter. The palace interior has a ground floor which was built in 1789 when the then king wanted it moved opposite to where it was. It has a marble of two lions, the ceiling has frescoes and the ground floor has a Charles III statue.

Bookshelves dating far back to Alfonso XIi, Isabel II and Charles III era are found in its library. Many books have been properly arranged on those shelves accordingly with important maps that analyzes Spanish empire boundaries beside them. The royal library has almost twenty thousand articles, music scored by royal chapel musicians with other important documents.

The Name Of The Spanish Royal Palace

The Royal Pharmacy is exclusively used to service members of the royal family whenever a need arises. Felipe II made an order for the supply of medicines to the pharmacy. Its royal armory is named one of the best because it has different pieces which existed five centuries ago. It is being considered as the only armory that has such pieces. The unique armor and weapons used by emperor Charles V are still there though some were lost due to war.

More rooms include King Charles III’s apartments, the Queen’s apartment, banqueting hall, apartment Infante Luis, Royal Chapel, the Crown room and other special rooms. The Royal Spanish Palace called Palacio Real de Madrid is really a beautiful place to be for anyone who wants to behold splendor. Different people from all over have been going there except for holidays where it gets shut.