The Best Time to Visit Spain

The Best Time to Visit Spain

Traveling locally or internationally is a leisure activity enjoyed by many individuals. For some, it can be a reward for their hard work, or it can be a way to be away from a stressful environment. Spain is a country loved for its beaches, foods, festivals, medieval towns, museums, and many more. It is the third-largest country in Europe. Its sceneries include desert-like places, fertile, green lands, and long coastal strips. For tourists planning to visit this country, knowing when to do it best is important for a most enjoyable vacation.

Spain has a Mediterranean climate characterized

Spain has a Mediterranean climate characterized by dry, hot summers and cool, wet winters. Thus, it is best to visit Spring in late spring from April to May or in early autumn from September to October. In these months, the temperature is pleasant, plus the crowds tend to be lighter. However, they are not the only reasons why these months are the best time to visit Spain when planning a vacation.

In April, Spain’s temperature is warm

In April, Spain’s temperature is warm that continues to rise in May but not to the point where tourists will find it unbearable. The most looked forward to the event in April is Holy Week, which is one of their largest celebrations of the year. Parishes celebrate this as they join for the whole week to conduct parades that feature glittering statues carried by hooded men. In Barcelona, they celebrate Sant Jordi Festival on April 23, it is the Catalan version of Valentine’s Day. It may not be a public holiday, but anyone can feel love in the air. The streets became filled with individuals strolling while holding roses or books wrapped in ribbons during the event.

The Best Time to Visit Spain

When May comes, Spain comes alive with colorful flowers, locals begin spending more time in the sun. May is a great time to do outdoor activities like hiking or to go to beaches before they became full of visitors. It is best to be in Madrid during this time due to the celebration of the San Isidro Festival, where locals remember and honor their patron saint with live concerts that turns into an all-night party once the sunsets. Another must see the Girona Flower Festival celebrated in the second week of the month. Girona, which is two hours away from Barcelona, literally comes into bloom in this event as the residents there display blooming flowers in the town’s streets and buildings.

Once September comes, tourists who visit in the summer go home, and the temperature turns to a more pleasant level. Visitors can enjoy any activity during September, from sunbathing to museum hopping. In September, the costs are lower from flights to hotel bookings than when it is the country’s high season. It is still good to visit the beaches this month, particularly those in Marbella, Ibiza, in the Canary Islands. San Sebastián is a great place to visit for food trips, while the Guggenheim Museum is a must-see in Bilbao. This museum is an architectural marvel that features a large collection of contemporary art from Spain and other countries. As for festivals, Bienal de Flamenco is one of Spain’s largest celebrations of flamenco that attracts professional performers from the country is celebrated in September.

October is the final month for tourists to enjoy the sun before it started raining in November. This month is great for walking tours in Spain’s famous cities like Madrid, Barcelona, Granada, Salamanca, and Córdoba as the temperature is milder but still sunny. October is also a great time to visit Zaragosa as it hosts the Del Pilar Festival early this month. It is an annual festival for the patron saint of Zaragosa wherein live concerts, food stalls, processions, church masses, even carnival rides are present to celebrate.

These months are the best time to visit Spain because it is neither too hot nor too cold. Tourists who wanted to enjoy the festivities the country can offer can experience some of the largest festivals of Spain during these months. But it is still important to know that Spain is good to visit all year round, these months are just considered the best time to visit because of the weather, festivities, and the lower costs of expenses during shoulder-season.