Few People From Portugal And Italy Visit Spain

Few People From Portugal And Italy Visit Spain

Visiting Spain may be interesting, especially during the summer where temperatures are extremely high. Few Portuguese and Italians are visiting Spain in this century. Although by analyzing its physical location, it seems a better nation to visit during your honeymoon. Apart from Italians, people from other nations visit Spain and based on their experience it shows that this nation is favorable for most tourists. Comparing the expenditure in the three nations, Spain has a higher cost of living. On average, a tourist will spend almost double of what could have been spent in Italy or Portugal.

Security is the key aspect put into consideration by most tourists. The main reason visitors are not crowded in Spain maybe because of security issues. Although Spain is a safe country to travel to, this country doesn’t rank at the top of the safest nations. Theft is highly experienced in Spain than in Italy or Portugal. Alternatively, police brutality is highly seen in Spain hence no tourist would wish to travel in such a country.

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The weather conditions in Spain are not favorable during the summer months. Temperatures above 38 Degrees Celsius make it inconvenient for the Italians and Portuguese to visit the place. Such harsh climatic conditions in the summer will mean that we will go for most trips in the evening when these temperatures are low. A visitor who has been dreaming of visiting Spain won’t be in a position to enjoy these hours.

If a person travels to another country, he will be willing to spend all the time adventuring other than staying indoors. Such climatic changes may lead to a reduced number of Portuguese visitors as well as Italians in Spain. Additionally, if tourists stay indoors in the daylight hours, they will actively participate during the late-night hours. Partying during this time will affect those visitors who have moved to Spain for retirement purposes. Such people need a cool environment, but not noisy surroundings that will affect their performance in activities.

Few People From Portugal And Italy Visit Spain

Spain has corruption issues that hinder most tourists from visiting the place. A visitor will require free and fair distribution of income that means that payment will be made equal for everyone. Having corruption issues may be stopping people from the two countries from visiting there. Spain is a good nation to reside in, however, some racism cases are experienced. If you want to stay in Spain or invest in Spain, you must be aware of racism cases. Investing in a nation where its citizens will not allow you to have peace of mind may affect profitability.

Spain’s culture is not favorable for Italians or Portuguese this may affect their visits. Generally, a visitor needs to get international dishes in a new country. Lack of Italian or Portuguese dishes in Spain may impact people’s visits. If you are at your young career stages, Spain is not a favorable place to go for job vacations. The noise level in Spain is caused by having many industries and other manufacturing farms. This nation has a high number of youths causing disturbances in the streets.