Europe’s Most Beautiful Castles

Europe has the most beautiful castle that has existed for centuries and even inspiring mythical beliefs such as fairy-tale fantasies. Some lay on hilltops, others on gigantic rock outcrops and others in forests, but they all have incredible architecture as well as a rich history. Let’s look at the top most beautiful castles in Europe and what makes them world-famous with De Haar castle in the Netherlands being first on our list. Its history dates back to 1391 but centuries of being exposed to climatic changes and lack of maintenance caused damage to Da Haar. Sitting at its former location is a restoration by Etienne Gustave in 1892 with help from his wife’s family. It took him 20 years to restore it to what it looks like today. Inside it there are 200 bedrooms with 30 bathrooms as well as beautiful woodcarving ornaments that feature Roman Catholic designs.

There are beautiful paintings inside it

There are beautiful paintings inside it as well as exotic porcelain collection from South East Asia specifically China and Japan. Just like the interior, its exterior is breathtaking thanks to the garden landscape surrounding it. Romania is famous for the myth of Dracula that has also been featured in movies inspired by Bran Castle in Transylvania. Built on a hilltop, it has eerie turrets as well as a medieval architectural structure that’s spooky and perhaps caused the legendary myth of Dracula. Bran Castle is now a museum for displaying artifacts collected by the late Queen of Romania Maria. Sitting on a rocky hilltop not much can be said about the exterior landscape design, but it is still magnificent. Built in the 19th century under the rule of king Ludwig II, Neuschwanstein castle in Bavaria, Germany was a private retreat for Ludwig II from public life.

The castle's exterior design gave inspiration

The castle’s exterior design gave inspiration to Disney’s fairytale castle of sleeping beauty. Most of its features are modern since it has a central heating system as well as a telephone line, but the interior décor depicts the king’s love for German opera. Paintings of poets, knights and kings shown helped King Ludwig relax away from the public face. Malbork castle in Poland was built in the 1300s by a group of German crusaders called Teutonic Knights. Constructed with bricks, Malbork became the largest brick castle on the planet and has a rich history since 1700s. During the 17th century the Polish royal family were driven out by the Swedes before it shifted hands again to German Nazis during Poland’s invasion in 1939. After the second world war it went back to Poland, and today it serves as a museum for displaying art.

Europe's Most Beautiful Castles

Inside, there are vaulted ceilings with support columns which give it an exotic art statement plus a Roman Catholic look which got restored after severe damage from WWII. Alhambra is among the most iconic castles in Spain that was constructed between 1238 and 1358. The castle was home to the Spanish royal family during the 13th century before it was converted to an art gallery. The garden is home to several fountains as well as beautiful walkways that make site-seeing more impressive. The castle is surrounded by a lush green forest landscape that’s naturally beautiful, which means little maintenance is needed. Scotland is home to a castle that’s been besieged more times than any other in Britain and was once home to King Malcolm III. Perhaps the palace’s main piece is the Great Hall built in the 15th century for king James IV.

Other than Malcolm III and his wife Queen Margaret of Scotland, the castle has housed many royals during its time. Another iconic castle in Great Britain is the Percy’s family castle called Alnwick which has housed the Percys for over seven centuries. Currently, the 12th Duke of Northumberland, Ralph Percy, calls Alnwick home. Its Interior decoration was adopted from lavish Italian architecture which explains marble fireplaces and curved doors. Windsor has a rich history of royals both old and new, such as Prince Harry’s recent wedding to Megan Merkel. It is the largest castle on earth as well as home to the British royal families for thousands of years. Visitors are allowed in for a guided tour to admire the fine décor of art on the castle’s wall.

Built around 1071 by William the Conquer Windsor is the resting place for iconic kings such as George V, Henry VIII and Charles I. These castles are preservations of Europe’s history, exquisite taste in architecture as well as culture that will be admired as much as it will be remembered.