Discovering The Best Of Spain In Seven Days

Discovering The Best Of Spain In Seven Days

Spain is located in the south-western part of Europe having an area of 505990 km² making it the fourth largest country by area on the European continent. With a population of over 47 million, Spain ranks fourth in the most populated country in the European Union. Its largest city is Madrid, which is also the country’s capital, housing their king, prime minister and other top government offices as the center of administration. Other major cities include Barcelona, Bilbao, Seville, Zaragoza, Valencia as well as Malaga. The country boasts a great history, rich culture as well as an enchanting natural beauty making it a top tourist destination any time of the year.

The historic nation has risen through

The historic nation has risen through the years to become a tourist hotspot due to a combination of factors like relative calm, culture, islands, historic sites, food and all-round hospitality. Spanish football is a huge highlight with teams like Madrid and Barcelona fielding global stars like Ronaldo Bale and Messi, and Spanish clubs have become huge tourist pullers recently. It will interest you to know that apart from the country’s exceptional cuisines, it is number one for gastro-tourism in Europe. Millions come into Spain just to enjoy local dishes like tapas, pintos, seafood as well as the Spanish world’s famous ham sold across cities in the country. With all these and more, planning a 7-day itinerary might be tasking because one week is too little to experience the city’s stunning features.

The top most visited cities include

The top most visited cities include the capital Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Mallorca and Granada. Covering all five is absolutely impossible in seven days as only one city can consume your entire seven-day period, though you can cover at most three of those but not in their fullness. Other cities like Toledo, Córdoba, Bilbao, Santander and Tenerife are great to consider as well with unforgettable experience in store. If you are about the major cities, would love to see more during the period, an itinerary to include Seville Madrid and Barceloña would just be great.

Discovering The Best Of Spain In Seven Days

A good itinerary across these three major areas in Spain will have you kick off at and end in Barceloña. The trip starts in Seville where you will be able to explore the best rooftops and tapas. Then off to Madrid, where the elegant streets are great sights to behold, don’t forget the Prado Museum. After which the trip concludes in cosmopolitan Barcelona with its beach vibes as well as a private tour of La Sagrada Familia.

Arrive at Servile Day One, the capital of Spain’s Andalusia region and settle in for some time before setting off with your private guide to see some excellent rooftops that present the exciting viewing pleasures of Sevila. After viewing, you can visit the local tapas bar to get a feel for this irresistible dish. Day two will include a long leisure stroll across town visiting sites like Christopher Columbus’ tomb and the Seville Cathedral, the largest Gothic cathedral on earth as well as other famous sites. On the third day, I took a drive to Córdoba and toured around visiting places like Mesquita which was a pagan temple converted to a mosque. You will also get to see a place Christopher Columbus got approval for one of his voyages, Alcázar of the Catholic Kings and more.

After exploring Córdoba, take a train at Córdoba train station to Madrid which would take about two hours. In Madrid on day four, you will be spoiled for choice but don’t forget to enter the magnificent El Prado Museum which is known for its collection of the finest European art on the planet. The fifth day should see you take a train to the historic city of Barcelona to experience its culinary scene while the sixth day would see a more exclusive tour of the city. See great monuments like La Sagrada Famillia, a UNESCO World Heritage Site designed many years ago by Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi. Another private exploration of the city can as well be done on the sixth day as you prepare for departure on the next day. This itinerary will take you around three major parts of Spain, creating unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.

Alternatively, you can spend your seven days in Spain exploring the northern part of the country across areas in Bilbao and Santander along with smaller towns of Noja, Laredo as well as Santiago. Whichever works for you, an exciting experience awaits you with more than enough sights and sounds to explore all around this southwestern European nation called Spain. Have yourself an exciting and fun; filled experience.